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Mold Remediation

While some companies choose to do mold testing AND remediation, we have found that maintaining separation between the testing company and the remediation company ensures the homeowner receives the most objective and accurate assessment of their mold damage. We will be happy to recommend reputable companies with whom we've worked with in the past or you may locate one independently.

Think of it as bringing your car in for an estimate from someone who knew they wouldn't be fixing it.

As remediation professionals, we ARE educated in mold and trained in mold detection. However, a scientific firm will be able to provide lab results on the exact type(s) of mold and provide a formal air quality assessment report.

  • Certified CCR mold remediator will assess and estimate extent of damage and source of moisture causing mold./Receive scientific report from independent mold testing company.
  • Communicate with customer. Be sure to address all concerns.
  • Ensure that the water or humidity problem causing the mold is repaired and eliminated.

  • Completely clean-up mold and dry water-damaged areas. Select appropriate cleaning and drying methods for damaged/contaminated materials. Ensure proper containment procedures too protect building occupants i.e. polyethylene sheeting ceiling to floor around affected area with a slit entry and covering flap; maintain area under negative pressure with HEPA filtered fan unit. Block supply and return air vents within containment area.
  • Carefully contain and remove moldy building materials i.e. double bagging using 6-mil polyethylene sheeting. It is important to package mold contaminated materials before removal from the contaminated area to minimize dispersion of mold spores throughout the building. Use appropriate protective equipment.

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